Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Black Cat #8

Black Cat #8 features a guest-appearance by the Beetle who Felicia recruits as back-up for her latest thievery of a Marvel hero. The pair have a fun patter as Beetle repeatedly attempts to sell the Black Cat on joining a group primarily made-up of all Spider-Man villains. I do think the Black Cat works best when there's room for dialogue and the art by Dike Ruan proves to be an equally nice match for the tone of the issue.

As for the job, the comic keeps to its format with Hardy targeting Iron Fist who is legitimately amused by the entire situation, finding it refreshing to deal with a thief rather than the regular type of villains who usually target him.

The comic touches on the larger themes of the arc including the kidnapping of the Black Fox through some flashbacks with Felicia and her mother, but the real fun is in the heist and the madcap action that ensues wherever the Black Cat turns up. Worth a look.


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