Thursday, January 30, 2020

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1 begins the time-travelling crossover between Red Sonja and various characters Dynamite Entertainment acquired from the now defunct Choas! Comics. In her own time, Sonja takes steps to prevent Kulan Gath from resurrecting again. In another time and place, Mistress Hel inspires several different characters to go in search of the wizard's recently-discovered amulet which she promises will deliver them powers beyond their comprehension.
Although we don't get to see Sonja mix it up with any of the other characters on display, it isn't long before Hel's prompting has the various Chaos! characters at each others throats in procuring the artifact, the effects of which may reach back to Sonja as well.

While I know that there's enough here to keep me around for the entire series, Red Sonja: Age of Chaos #1 works well enough in introducing readers to a host of characters they might not know that much about. For fans.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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