Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Black Cat #9

I have no idea what is going on any any of the X-Men books right now so I'm not sure if the events of this issue conflict with what's happening elsewhere, but Black Cat #9 takes Felicia to Madripoor for an unlikely team-up. Looking for another item on the list necessary for Black Fox's big score leads Felicia in search of a man named Patch (who the Marvel Universe isn't helpful in identifying and turns out to be anything but what she expected to find).

The events presented here could have gone very definitely. I enjoyed Felicia breaking in only to find out she'd been beaten to the punch by the juvenile Kade Kilgore. Rather than adversaries, the plot throws Logan and Felicia together as partners with shared interests (the first of which is pissing of the teenage genius).

Felicia's plan includes Black Cat showing off her unique skills in a casino and getting poor Logan into far more than he bargained for. In other words, it's a darn good time. Worth a look.


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