Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hellmouth #5

The big finale of the first Buffy & Angel crossover of the rebooted universe is (like much of the crossover) a bit underwhelming with specific panels and moments that never-the-less stick out. In the conclusion, Buffy goes toe-to-toe with the Hellmother who is gathering her forces to rise out of the Hellmouth and invade the Earth (while sadly lacking any of the style of the Master).

In terms of the moments that shine, the sudden appearance of Buffy's posse, including Kendra and a giddy Camazotz who is finally able to help the Slayer, provides some of the best panels of the issue. I am curious to see the comic develop Kendra (who I hope will get a little more time as a Slayer than the original). I'm also curious to see where the foreshadowing of Anya's words with Giles ultimately lead.

Although I've enjoyed both the Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboots, I don't think Hellmouth met the lofty goals of the series. Still, there was fun to be had... and some tears to shed. For fans.

[BOOM! Studios, $3.99]

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