Thursday, February 13, 2020

Young Justice #13

Young Justice #13 spends most of its time in Skartaris where a traumatized Superboy is comforted by the Warlord. Those unfamiliar with the history of Mike Grell's character, or the strange subterranean land filled with magic and monsters hidden at the center of the Earth, are given a primer here (including panels drawn by Grell himself). Featuring the work of three different artists, the comic has a less cohesive look than the previous issues of the volume but fans of the Warlord aren't likely to mind as he steals the best moments here.

If you are looking to skip an issue and not miss much of the overall arc, this is probably and easy one to pass up as it does feel more of a sidebar into introducing Warlord than anything else.

The rest of Young Justice, and their new friends, get far less time than Superboy but there is enough here for the group to finally jump into action on multiple fronts (including looking for reinforcements in characters known for their involvement in other incarnations of the team). For fans.

[DC, $3.99]

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