Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ghost-Spider #7

Ghost Spider takes a break from both the Miles Warren storyline and Gwen's sabbatical in the regular Marvel Universe to offer a look at familiar characters whose lives are quite different in Spider-Gwen's dimension. In Gwen's world, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm were social media celebrities rather than fantastical heroes. They disappeared four years ago only to show up suddenly when no memories of where they've been all this time.

Like her father, and the world, Gwen has questions about what happened to the pair and if their return is also related to some kind of Human Torch who has suddenly appeared in New York. One thing is clear, the pair's sudden appearance has been noticed by this world's Reed Rickards who is known as The Thinker.

Is this the beginning of a Fantastic Four in Gwen's world? And if so, will the Storms follow The Thinker down a dark path? Also, with Gwen being distracted by the sudden appearance of the Storms, what else has she missed happening on both Earths? For fans.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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