Monday, November 2, 2020

Angel + Spike #15

The reimagined Buffy/Angel universe continues to chug along as Angel and Spike rely on the help of Oz, who they come to realize isn't the werewolf they are looking for, to track down the real source of several werewolf attacks across Los Angeles. The search entails Spike being uncharacteristically helpful in making a new friend.

The change in creative teams is certainly obvious here. Artist Hayden Sherman goes for a very blocky style that takes some getting used to, and one I'm still struggling with. As for Oz, without the relationship to Willow in this reality his past is a little less clear (although he did reside in Sunnydale, where he was transformed into a werewolf).

Issue #15 also continues to tease a more romantic relationship between Angel and Kate, which the TV-show hinted at but never developed. The comic also checks in with Fred, who it appears is having a bit of trouble staying sane with the metaphysical entities warring within her skull.

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