Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Super Dinosaur - The Labyrinth of the Leviathans

Distressed by an artifact shown to him by Derek (Valin Shinyei) and Super Dinosaur (Mac Heywood), Squidious (Brian Drummond) breaks out of Earthcore and returns to the oceans. Concerned with what he may be up to, SD and Derek head after him to discover Squidious is working to prevent a catastrophic event caused by the greed of Minimus (Sean Thomas) whose actions may have awakened a giant sea creature. Despite confusion over Squidious' actions, SD and Derek find the truth inside the large undersea labyrinth that the Hammerhead Sharkmen wish to awaken. "The Labyrinth of the Leviathans" not only solidifies the alliance between Squidious and Earthcore but it also introduces the idea of dangers Minimus may be releasing on the world without ever knowing it. The pre-credit sequence does show Derek and SD getting in trouble by rushing into action yet again (a trait apparently not fixed by Derek learning his lesson in the previous episode).

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