Monday, November 9, 2020

Young Justice #20

It's sad to see that Young Justice is folding up shop just as the comic had completed a lengthy process of setting up the team, it's affiliations, and it's place within the DCU. Young Justice #20 honors the original Young Justice cartoon by introducing Mount Justice as the former (and future) base of operations for the team along with Red Tornado as the group's former babysitter (who apparently has no knowledge of them in this version of reality and doesn't take kindly to unannounced visitors).

The series finale focuses on Teen Lantern, a character whose power source (alien tech hacking into the source of Green Lanterns' power) has still yet to be explained, with the return of John Stewart whose attempts to wrest control of the power are met with unified resistance by the team.

Given the success of the comic, I'm guessing we'll see the group together in one form or another going forward (although in the ever-shifting reality of comic book universes you can never be sure). The final issue pays homage one more time to what has come before, offers some fun banter, and leaves us wondering about the possibilities for Young Justice in the future.

[DC, $3.99]

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