Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Delicious in Dungeon - Hag/Nightmare

"Hag/Nightmare" adds a new member to the party when Izutsumi (Mitsuho Kambe), who was part of Shuro's (Shinji Kawada) party, ambushes the group demanding Marcille (Emily Rudd) use black magic to remove her curse. The woman's manners rub everyone the wrong way, even forcing an outburst from the usually serene Senshi (SungWon Cho). The second-half of the episode deals with Marcille being overtaken by Nightmares leading Laios (Damien C. Haas) into her sleeping mind and helping the younger version of Marcille he finds their overcome her fears and break the hold of the Nightmare. After returning to the waking world, Laois is happy to learn that the Nightmares are oyster-like creatures found under Marcille's pillow which can be cooked in some butter and soy sauce.

Both halves of the episode work well and after multiple episodes meeting people who then move off on their own, it's nice to see someone who chooses to stay. Their experiences with Izutsumi, and Marcille's ability to force the demon out of her, also provide Laois hope for Falin (Lisa Reimold). The journey into Marcille's mind also provides a different look at a character, a glimpse at how she sees herself, and the fears which the Nightmare twist. And Marcille's hazy perspective of the dream, and Laois in it, turn out to be quite amusing as well.

  • Title: Delicious in Dungeon - Hag/Nightmare
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