Monday, July 1, 2024

Nights #8

Don't lose your head. Halloween is a good time for all, until it isn't. Nights #8 gives us characters in a good place. Ivory has his demon under control and love may be in the air for more than just Vince and Gray. Even Matt is enjoying himself scarring the shit of the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. A house party, friends, and booze, what could go wrong. Oh, did I mention one of the guests is some kind of malevolent creature with delusions of grandeur who cuts off Gray's head and steals her body? Yeah, I didn't have that on the bingo card.

Keeping with the tone of the comic, despite Ivory defeating the party crasher, we get more foreboding about Gray and her destiny. A warning that Vince will be a casualty in the carnage of what's to come leads Gray to make a decision on his behalf which, no doubt, will lead to more confrontation without the house that started so happy on Halloween night. Will her attempt to keep him safe put him in more danger than ever before? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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