Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Invitation to a Murder

Set in 1934, a group of strangers are brought together by a reclusive billionaire to his private island estate. The guests include florist, and mystery novel aficionado, Miranda Green (a frumpy Mischa Barton), an American journalist (Chris Browning), a lawyer (Seamus Dever), and three others (Bianca A. Santos, Giles Matthey, and Grace Lynn Kung). The last character of the film is the estate itself, well-shot but underutilized until the film's final act. 

When murder strikes, with the only suspects being the guests and the small house staff, Miranda leads the group in an investigation to determine both the identity and the motive for murder. A rather by-the-book whodunit, there's nothing that really stands out about Invitation to a Murder (although it was successful enough to greenlight a pair of sequels with Barton reprising her role as the inquisitive Miranda). There's enough here for fans of the genre, but others might finding it a bit wanting.

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  • Title: Invitation to a Murder
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