Thursday, July 4, 2024

The Lazarus Project - Episode 11

While Archie (Anjli Mohindra) begins a new workplace romance, and the Lazarus Project struggles to recreate their own time machine, George's (Paapa Essiedu) encounter with Becky (Safia Oakley-Green) changes everything. Surviving the first attempt of Bryson (Royce Pierreson) to kill George for actions he hasn't taken yet, George isn't so lucky the next time around. However, the restart of a new loop, and coming clean with Lazarus and Dennis (Tom Burke) about Becky, leads to a key discovery for the Lazarus Project to make their first attempt at time travel and prevent the loop from occurring before time collapses destroying all reality with it.

The third episode of Season Two features some fun moments such as Archie and Zhang (Elaine Tan) working through their latest assignment in fits and starts with restarts while Archie struggles to talk about starting a new relationship, Becky explaining causal loops to George, and Dennis' murderous action inside Lazarus that force George to come clean and provide a new start for the team. Also of note is the plot picking up the thread of Ross (Brian Gleeson) whose actions in the past may play an important role in the present and future the Lazarus Project is attempting to prevent. The episode ends with a cliffhanger with the team surviving the trip but not without some unforeseen complications.

  • Title: The Lazarus Project - Episode 11
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