Saturday, November 20, 2010

Avengers #7

The recent launch of several new Avengers titles, and new teams, has been a mixed success. The characters I like seem stretched across multiple teams, and the dynamic I enjoyed in the old New Avengers still has yet to be replicated.

I wasn't impressed with the first story arc of this title involving time travel, Kang and futuristic versions of Tony Stark and the Hulk. The story didn't work for me, and it seemed the team was missing something. Maybe they've found it.

Issue #7 introduces the Red Hulk as a possible new member of the team. Okay, I'm intrigued. I'm a little less intrigued by the villain which will force the team to accept the Red Hulk's help - Parker Robbins, who it seems Marvel Comics is insistent on making a cosmic level bad guy, again. His latest ploy is to collect two of the Infinity Gems (with unheard of ease, by the way) giving him immense power and the ability to bend reality.

If the story moves forward Parker should be a match for the Avengers, and a villain worthy of the team needing all the help they can get. I just hope writer Brian Michael Bendis isn't set on putting all the gems in the hands of this two-time loser.

[Marvel $3.99]

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