Thursday, November 11, 2010

Red Robin #17

I love almost everything about this issue. The epilogue to "The Hit List" gives us a little of everything that's made Red Robin such a great read in the absence of Bruce Wayne along with a promise that things aren't going to change.

We get the both the return Cassandra Cain and Batman in his fancy new costume as well as a Tim making a difficult decision to trust Lynx (perhaps not entirely made with his brain). Marcus To's art is terrific (I honestly can't pick out a favorite panel: the hug? the kiss? the discussion about Damian?), and Fabian Nicieza once again delivers yet another strong story without trying to rewrite the character of make some grand statement (something Grant Morrison could learn).

My only real complaint with the issue is the obvious slight to Stephanie Brown in Tim offering the role of Bagril back to Cassandra. Aside from the fact it's not his to give, it's just one hellova a dick move to make. I'm glad to see her pass on the opportunity, and it seems like there may be a new role for the character in the expanding Bat-family that feels more her own. Must-read.

[DC $2.99]

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