Saturday, November 6, 2010

Batman and Robin #16

Guess who's back under the cowl? Grant Morrison's Black Glove story arc mercifully comes to an end here as Simon Hurt's plans are stopped by Robin and not one but two Batmen.

On the plus side we finally get some explanation as to who Hurt is and how he's managed to survive for so long. We get to see Batman finally smashing this annoying character's face in (something I've been waiting months for). And Morrison delivers an ending which changes Bruce Wayne's relationship to Batman permanently and sets the stage for Batman Incorporated.

Morrison does make a few mistakes. Dick Grayson's injury (he was shot in the back of the head last issue) comes and goes as the great amount of story jammed into these pages calls for. And Bruce Wayne suiting up and his reaction to seeing his ward and son as Batman and Robin doesn't jive with the rest of the Return of Bruce Wayne books DC has been putting out the last few weeks. There's also the "end" of Simon Hurt at the hands of the Joker which feels more like a tease than a true end to the character.

For a comic that's been the least of all the Bat-books since issue #2 this one's not half-bad. Given it's ending it also marks an important milestone in Batman's career and is definitely worth a look.

[DC $3.99]

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