Monday, September 16, 2013

Beware the Batman: Allies

Batman (Anthony Ruivivar)and Katana's (Sumalee Montano) new partnership will be put to the test when Lt. Gordon's (Kurtwood Smith) daughter is kidnapped by Tobias Whale's (Michael-Leon Wooley) goons who want the release of their leader from prison in return for letting the Barbara "Girl Hostage" Gordon (Tara Strong)  go. Although Strong gives Barbara a strong spirit I'm already sensing a bit of a trend here as nearly every appearance by Babs leads to her being attacked and/or abducted and saved by Batman.

"Allies" finds Batman and Katana still working all the kinks out of their new partnership. Batman's attempt to clothe the former assassin in armor that would make her completely ineffectual in the field has a goofy feel to it that, while humorous, doesn't really make sense as anything other than an attempt to get cheap laughs from the show's younger audience. Barbara's reaction to Katana, and at seeing Batman again, hints that (whether her dad likes it or not) we may see Batgirl before too long.

The latest episode also introduces the Bat-signal for the first time as well as sketchiest part of Gotham known as "The Cauldron" which houses most of the city's no-name thugs and small-time gang members known collectively as Ghosts. Neither the Ghosts nor Whale's enforcer Phosphorous Rex are all that interesting and since this is the second time Babs has been attacked and rescued by Batman in only 8 episodes "Allies" doesn't have much to make it stand-out other than the continually evolving relationship between Batman and Katana.

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