Friday, September 13, 2013

Burn Notice - Reckoning

Stuck between choosing between the life of Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and that of Sonia (Alona Tal) and his cushy new job as the head of James' (John Pyper-Ferguson) organization, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) makes the only choice possible and brings down the fury of a billionaire with his own private army on both him and his friends in the final episode of Burn Notice.

But that's hardly Michael, Fiona, Sam (Bruce Campbell), Jesse (Coby Bell), and Maddie's (Sharon Gless) only problem as pissed-off Agent Strong (Jack Coleman) puts the full force of the local police and the Federal Government behind apprehending Michael and his friends when the mission to capture James only delivers Sonia's dead body.

With all avenues of escape cut-off and the evening news branding the group terrorists, Michael leads the team on one final suicidal mission to offer the CIA the only thing it wants more than Westen and his friends: James and his organization. Michael and Fi grab a satellite expert (Alan Ruck) leading them to a secret relay station and enough data to put James away for good, but when the evil mastermind turns the table on Michael and his friends not all of them will make it out alive.

"Reckoning" is certainly a solid, though far from great, final episode to cap off the seven years of misadventures of Michael and his friends. The final scenes get too schmaltzy, Sonia's death was far too easy to predict, and in the end the show's unwillingness to make any real sacrifice to the core members of the team (sacrificing the only one who wouldn't do well on the run offers a nice scene between Maddie and Michael but is the most obvious choice to make) leads to a finale that feels a bit too tidy (especially for characters who spent seven seasons navigating shades of gray).

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