Monday, October 19, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Marvel Comics relaunches Guardians of the Galaxy (again). As with each of the preivous incarnations, the first issue shakes up the team a bit with Peter Quill living life away from his pals as the new King of Spartax. With Gamora also missing (and only showing up at the end to bring bad news for the group) the Guardians pick up a couple of new members in The Thing and Kitty Pryde (wearing Star-Lord's costume).

As first issues go Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is entertaining. The choice to put Ben Grimm on the team is a nice touch, although I'd be happier if Venom wasn't still part of the group. The loss of both Gamora and Quill (not to mention Cosmo and others) leaves a rather large hole in the group dynamic to be filled. Kitty Pryde in space is fun, but I don't doubt that Star-Lord will take up his old mantle before long.

Brian Michael Bendis injects both humor and action in the first issue having the new team take on the Chitauri while foreshadowing bigger threats to the group in the coming months. Will I stay with this version of the team? Maybe, but he addition of a telepathic dog, a time-displaced astronaut, or the living embodiment of the Hawk God might make my decision easier. Worth a look.


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