Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Justice League United #14

Let me start by saying I have absolutely no idea what is happening in Justice League United #14. The second issue of an arc (yeah, okay I'll admit I didn't read the last issue, but seriously WTF is going on?) involving members of the team being trapped in a WWII battlefront along with a Who's Who of lesser known DC characters including Sgt. Rock, Vandal Savage, Robotman, the Creature Commandos, Enemy Ace, the Unknown Soldier, and Batgirl is as bizarre as it sounds. Hell, even O.M.A.C. shows up before all is said and done. And it's also kinda fun.

I haven't picked up an issue of Justice League United over the last six months finding the title's opening arc only so-so. The cover of Justice League United #14, featuring Stargirl and Batgirl, however grabbed my attention as did the odd collection of characters within. With the series facing cancellation before the end of the year it's obvious that writer Jeff Lemire and artist Paul Pelletier have been left to their own devices to construct an unusual tale that while baffling still makes me want to stick around to see how things turn out. Congrats DC you've finally sold me on the title.

Ever since the launch of the New 52 DC has had trouble with the inconsistency of their various Justice League books. There's a joy and love deep at the heart of this issue for all these characters that has been missing in far too many of those other stories. Even if we don't get any interaction between Batgirl and Stargirl both heroines steal plenty of moments separately between the insanity of battle most of the other characters wage through. The story may not make a hell of a lot of sense to me but I certainly applaud the spirit of the issue. Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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