Monday, October 26, 2015

Hawaii Five-0 - Ka 'alapahi nui

The public execution of a defendant during his deposition by a motorcyclist leads Five-0 to look into a group of stunt drivers notable not only for multiple moving violations but also for the hijacking of several trucks over the past few months. While initial information seems to suggest one of the group was hired to the local Samoan mob the truth is far more complicated and the reason behind the killing far more personal.

Bookending Five-0's investigation into the murder and uncovering the motive of a daughter (Spencer Locke) to want her father brutally murdered in front of her eyes, "Ka 'alapahi nui" offers us scenes of Grover (Chi McBride) and Max (Masi Oka) helping to train and coach the team compete in a local tough man contest. Although we don't actually get footage of the competition (other than Five-0 making it the finish line) we do get a montage of stills suggesting several of these scenes were indeed shot. Perhaps we'll eventually see them on DVD?

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