Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wander Over Yonder - The Good Bad Guy

Lord Hater (Keith Ferguson) faces his greatest fear when he discovers his idol, the most evil villain in the history of the galaxy, has been been turned into a pretty nice guy thanks to the influence of a vagabond and his message of love and friendship. Seeing Major Threat's (Piotr Michael) transformation as his own possible future, Hater pulls out all the stops to bring back the villain's old personality.

Temporarily successful, Hater than realizes that he's no match for his idol leaving him no choice but to try and turn Threat back into the benevolent soul by impersonating Wander (Jack McBrayer). It's as ridiculous as it sounds, especially once Hater pulls out the banjo and butcher's the show's theme, but it's also glorious to behold (as is the episode's epilogue which momentarily calms the villains fears before pulling the rug right out from underneath Hater's feet one last time).

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