Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Morning Glories #48

The student elections finally come around in the latest issue of Morning Glories which plays on a running theme of the comic concerning perspective and how it effects what we know to be true.

In the first instance we're give a flashback to Casey's time as Ms. Clarkson and her realization that, in the most unusual way, she really did cheat to beat out out Isabel at the science fair. The main story of the issue, the debate between Casey and Isabel in front of the student body, plays on these same themes. While Casey's hate-fueled platform promises change, Isabel attacks her rival's naivete at how the academy really works even going so far as to suggest Casey might be the school's biggest problem.

While Casey sees herself as the white knight to take down Morning Glories Academy Morning Glories #48 paints a far different version of the character through Isabel's speech. Is Casey's individualism as dangerous to the collective whole of the Academy? If it is, isn't that a good thing? Or, as Isabel states, is Casey's quick temper likely to lead them all down a dangerous and destructive path?

The issue also has fun laughing at Casey's poor chances to win the election before finally introducing a way for her to steal it with the help of Ian's knowledge of the mysterious Cylinder. If it works just how will it shake-up the school's status quo, what will Casey learn about Morning Glories, and just what private plans does Ian have for the Cylinder? Worth a look.

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