Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Killjoys - Heart-Shaped Box

Directly following the last episode, "Heart-Shaped Box" opens with D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) struggling with the realization that Sabine (Tori Anderson) is a Level-6 and the reality of the messy outcome of their intimate night together. Basically, he screwed the goo right out of her. Still alive, but lacking her enhanced healing abilities or psychological conditioning, D'Avin and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) work the Level-6 to find answers about what is really going on, why Khlyen (Rob Stewart) sent her to spy on D'Avin, and what the Black Root is really after.

Asking as many questions as it answers, "Heart-Shaped Box" does continue the season thread of D'Avin having an unnatural control over the secret worm ooze the RAC so generously pumped into its secret death squad. Through Sabine the group also learns a little more about how the collective memories are stored and accessed through the ooze. This not only supplies the Killjoys with the identities of several Level-6 agents but also leads Dutch to one of Khlyen's safehouses and another red box with her name on it.

I'm less impressed with the episode's B-story involving Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) getting into trouble while snooping for Pawter (Sarah Power). The smartest of the three Killjoys shows some abnormally bad decision-making here, rushing into a situation for questionable results. I understand the show needed Johnny to be caught for this part of the arc to play out, but everything about it feels rushed and uncharacteristically sloppy for the usually level-headed Killjoy.

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