Saturday, August 6, 2016

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1 proves to be an intersting way to introduce a streamlined version of Task Force X. Presented from the view of Amanda Waller, who almost has her program decommissioned by the President, the comic focuses largely on the Suicide Squad's creator offering a job to Rick Flag.

Waller finds Flag rotting in Guantanamo Bay (although he still appears to be a honest man and good soldier who just refused to accept the wrong order). With so much focus on Waller and Flag here we don't really get much in the way of the team itself who is operating in China to stop a criminal army possessed with super-powers thanks to a meta-bomb created by a kidnapped scientist.

The team looks to included Deadshot, Captain Boomerang (who apparently has been demoted), and Harley Quinn. With so little time on the page it's hard to suss our more than Harley is the crazy one, Boomerang is the dick, and Deadshot is the killer. While this certainly works as an introductory issue it still leaves me with several questions about the series when it isn't primarily focusing on Waller. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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