Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Freemaker Adventures – The Maker of Zoh

Taking a break from their search for the Kyber Crystals, and following the advice from Maz Kanata (Grey Griffin), the Freemakers head to the barren junk planet of Zoh in search of the Maker who turns out to Jek-14 (Brian Dobson). Although the former Sith clone is welcoming to the group, his robots aren't too happy with the Freemakers' arrival. Afraid they will convince the Maker to leave, the bots decide take care of the trespassers... permanently.

The placement of "The Maker of Zoh" seems a bit odd, shoehorning the episode in just before the quest for the last of the Kyber Crystals is completed. That said, the brief respite does offer Rowan (Nicolas Cantu) a new temporary master and (except for the murderous robots) a brief respite for the entire Freemaker family. Leaving Zoh to the bots, the Freemakers head to the ice planet of Hoth in hopes of keeping the final Kyber Crystal out of the hands of the Emperor.

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