Monday, August 8, 2016

Killjoys - I Love Lucy

Looking for answers about the yellow goo leads Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), Johnny (Aaron Ashmore), and D'Avin (Luke Macfarlane) to a collector of sorts who lives within a ship disguised as one rock in an asteroid field. Although seemingly wiling to trade Sam Romwell (Keon Alexander) attempts to cheat the Killjoys lead to Johnny and D'Avin being held hostage by his fembots and Dutch dusting off her old assassin skills in a attempt to kill the cheat and take what the team needs from his vault.

"I Love Lucy" gets its name when Johnny commandeers one of the androids and installs a small portion of Lucy's operating system into it. With Lucy-bot's help the pair manage to hold off the other androids. And despite death not really taking to Sam, Dutch is able to get what the team came for. The episode ends with each of the Killjoys taking solace in the hands of a lover, although for D'Avin the night doesn't go quite as expected leading to more questions about just what the hell was done to him and how it led to Sabine's (Tori Anderson) death.

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