Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Freemaker Adventures - The Kyber Saber Chase

With Naare (Grey Griffin) on their trail, the Freemakers head to the water planet of Takodana and recover a crystal only to have the Sith show up yet again and snatch their prize. The trip to Naboo turns out to be even trouble as R0-GR (Matthew Wood), Zander (Eugene Byrd), and Kordi (Vanessa Lengies) get individually distracted in an Imperial museum. Rowan's (Nicolas Cantu) misstep gets his family captured by Durpin (Richard Kind) by Plumestriker (Jeff Bennett), but his quick thinking keeps his family out of Imperial hands. However, the arrival of Naare and Dengar (James Patrick Stuart) leaves the Freemakers once again empty-handed with only a single Kyber Crystal remaining.

The return of Durpin, and his steadfast plan to do nothing to get him noticed by his superiors, is a pleasant surprise. The Emperor's museum has plenty of fun gags and references for Star Wars fans (including everything from Amidala's wardrobe to animatronic Emperor robots). I'll be curious to see if the trip to Hoth in the next episode may involve an one-armed Wampa.

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