Thursday, February 8, 2018

Corporate - Corporate Retreat

The Hampton DeVille corporate retreat gets off to the kind of start fans will be expecting as the senior executives decide to simulate a plane crash on the flight in order to get the coworkers to bond a little easier over the course of the weekend. How would you follow that up? Well, for starters there's the motivational speakers (Jon Daly and Natasha Lyonne) enlightening the workers on how best o be A.H.O.L.E.S. (Alphas wHo Only Like Excellence). And of course, things end in waterboarding minimally disguised as corporate baptism.

Throw in some public humiliation and awkwardly apologizing to everyone he sees at the network event, and Matt (Matt Ingebretson) is off to a rousing start, although he does have more success the second day on his way to becoming a bigger A.H.O.L.E. - even if the night takes some unexpected turns with the motivational couple who belittled him the day before. Matt's more sociopathic junior partner pal Jake (Jake Weisman) feels a bit more at home, even bedding a female version of himself (Beth Stelling). Not surprisingly, after one enjoyable night, things don't end well. The junior execs aren't the only ones getting lucky as John (Adam Lustick) and Kate (Anne Dudek) enjoy some corporate retreat sex which feels a bit like the show setting up a larger payoff somewhere done the road.

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