Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Blacklist - The Cook

To catch a murdering priest (Michael Rogers) who hides his crimes of punishing attractive women who the troubled man believes were put on Earth by the Devil to tempt him, Reddington (James Spader) and friends enlist the help of an incarcerated former arson investigator (C. Thomas Howell) who dabbled in setting his own fires as well. As the rest of the team hunts for their arsonist, Reddington helps Elizabeth (Megan Boone) in her search for Tom's killer using the only clue they have: the false eye from Liz's recent kill.

The latest member of Red's network, and his mother, are fun additions (although I find it hard to believe Red doesn't know anything about Star Wars). Liz's need, and intuition that Reddington knows more than he's sharing about those responsible for her husband's death, does force the criminal to admit some hard truths to his daughter (without explaining to either Liz or the audience just what those hard truths are). We don't learn the identity of the skeleton in the suitcase or just what power it holds over Reddington. Now along with finding Tom's killers, Liz has a secondary objective: to find out the secret Reddington refuses to share and which Tom gave his life for.

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