Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Librarians and the Echoes of Memory

Picking up immediately following last week's episode, the season finale opens with Eve (Rebecca Romijn) stumbling through a dreary world run by "The Company" in which the Library has never existed struggling to keep the idea of it, and Flynn (Noah Wyle), alive in her mind long enough to find the Librarians (all of whom all only remember Eve and the Library as nothing more than a hazy dream). After finding her three friends, and sparking a glimmer of memory in each, Eve is captured and locked away in a mental institution with Flynn as her memory of the Library and the real world slips away. Thankfully, she's done just enough prodding to reawaken the idea of better world for the Librarians.

"And the Echoes of Memory" is a fun end to the season with a climax involving the entire gang together once again and manifesting the Library out of their own skills, knowledge, and love to shatter the dreary false reality that Nicole (Sonya Walger) forced onto the world. The finale's epilogue brings back the Toaster of Albuquerque in a nice touch that allows the show to get its cake and eat it too. Not only was Nicole a strong villain for the season, working behind-the-scenes to unravel the team, but here Flynn and Eve get to save her from her own torturous history and give her a second chance to be the Guardian she was always meant to be (and allow for another character's return for the long-awaited tethering ceremony as well).

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