Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Batman & the Outsiders #2

With Sofia Ramos under the temporary care of Kaliber, Batman sends the Outsiders to reach the girl before the minions of Ra's al Ghul can find her. Even with the timely arrival of the Outsiders as back-up, Kaliber can't keep Ra's acolyte Ishmael from Sofia who, given the chance to run, decides to stand her ground.

Batman & the Outsiders #2 certainly sells Ishmael as a legitimate threat who makes short work of the Outsiders and Kaliber. Once again DC can't quite decide just how skilled to make Orphan, who (despite being pronounced the best fighter in the DCU during the current Rebirth continuity), is thrown away easily by Ra's minion.

The issue is also notable for Black Lightning making a verb out of Bruce Wayne as the two discuss the difference between what Batman and the Outsiders should stand for. The question now, is just what does Ra's al Ghul do now that he has the girl. And, now that Sofia is in his nemesis' possesion, is that enough to get Batman back in the field or does he continue to rely on the Outsiders? Worth a look.

[DC, $3.99]

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