Thursday, June 13, 2019

Black Cat #1

Black Cat #1 introduces us to our main character in the middle of a heist by Felicia Hardy which is as much about her skill as a thief as her ability to use that reputation for misdirection in order to snag the big score. The issue ends with the introduction of the Black Fox who trained Felicia's father. A far younger version of the character also appears in the back-up story "The Black Fox in Leaving Miami" which shows the thief's skill and guile in stealing from Dracula.

Along with an appearance by the Black Fox, the main story also offers introduction to the Black Cat's crew and the added obstacle for Felicia in the New York Thieves Guild who believe the Black Cat owes them and will stop at nothing to collect.

The issue is light and fun, especially early on as Felicia turns the security guards own hyper-vigilance against them allowing her henchmen to commit the theft while they provide her with the perfect alibi. The best moment of the comic, however, comes from neither from the main story nor the Black Fox back-up tale but from the other short back-up story involving the Black Cat and her pets robbing a jewelry store. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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