Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Legion - Chapter 20

Legion opens its Third Season not with David (Dan Stevens) but with the introduction of a time traveler who we will come to know as Switch (Lauren Tsai). Going even more psychedelic and strange in the first 20 minutes, "Chapter 20" oddly becomes more linear once its storyline becomes less so as Switch travels back in time to save David's life and the singular point-of-view splits from her to several other characters. Most of the first-half of the episode involves Switch following clues which lead to a hippie commune and an eventual meeting with David, a man she never completely trusts. The sudden attack by Division 3 on David's compound not only leads to Switch traveling back in time in an attempt to save his life but also forces her to chose a side in a war that, until now, she didn't even know existed.

Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) returns, acting as David's gatekeeper as does the Shadow King (Navid Negahban) who appears, along with Clark (Hamish Linklater), to be in command of the mission to kill David. We don't get much of Syd (Rachel Keller), except to see her kill David - twice. Although visually stunning, much of the first half-hour of "Chapter 20" could be trimmed. On the other hand, that gives us much more time to spend with Lauren Tsai who I'm hoping we'll get to see much more of this season. The introduction of the realm between times, where Swtich finds doors that can lead her back in time, is intriguing, as is the mysterious creature who comes closer to view the more Switch meddles with the timeline. With a new ally who can help David erase any mistake he might make, what hope does Division 3 have in stopping him?

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