Thursday, September 2, 2021

Black Widow #10

"I Am the Black Widow" concludes as Black Widow, Yelena, and Anya Corazon take on the super-powered Apogee and The Olio. Lucy, refusing to sit on the sidelines even knowing her powers could kill her at any moment, also jumps into the fray allowing the cure to be released (and leaving a whole bunch of ticked off individuals who aren't too keen on suddenly loosing their super-powers). It's a win, but not necessarily a clean with for our heroes leaving resentment and distrust in their wake.

As has been the trend with the comic, we also get another addition to Natasha's team with the unexpected arrival of Kate Bishop providing some much-needed back-up.

Although the trouble has passed, things are far from settled with Lucy's powers locked in (rather than cured) likely cementing her role at Natasha's side for the near future. As for the others, Yelena is sticking around but it's a bit unclear what is going to happen with the others. Are Kate and Anya in a hurry to leave? Or might we see the beginnings of a new team?

[Marvel, $3.99]

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