Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Green Lantern #6

Green Lantern #6 is notable mostly for the first meeting between Sojourner Mullein  and Sinestro on New Korugar while Simon Baz looks to calm down the out of control of the rampaging Teen Lantern (mostly off-panel, which turns out to be just as disappointing as it sounds).

The issue doesn't offer much in the way of action, but the first meeting between Sojourner and Sinestro is pretty good stuff with each feeling each other out and get an understanding where the other stands in a universe with the Green Lantern Corps in shambles.

In the B-story that won't die, the comic also catches back up with John Stewart, the refugees he rescued from the void, and the rest of the former Lanterns heading off to save Kilowog from some Gold Centurions (whatever those are).

[DC, $3.99]

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