Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs is an thrill-less tale of a naïve couple too cute for their own good (Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith) who become obsessed watching their neighbor's (Ben Hardy) sexual antics from their apartment window. Dragged down by a sluggish pace, questionable acting, and an increasingly absurd storyline, the movie from writer/director Michael Mohan is barely salacious let alone the erotic thriller it aspires to be. The Voyeurs is flaccid for most of its two-hour run-time.

After meeting their neighbor's wife (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), who they've watched the photographer cheat on with a revolving door of models he's brought into the apartment, Pippa (Sweeney) becomes overly invested in what's occurring across the street leading to a series of bad decisions, and insane twists (each less believable than the last), before the movie mercifully comes to an end.

There's nothing here to recommend as even the voyeuristic nature of the couple's spying feels both tame and outrageous (at one point they decide to crash a costume party and bug the apartment so they can listen as well as watch). True there's a small amount of amorous activity happening, between long stretches of boring plot. However, despite several attractive actresses bearing their breasts for the project, there's little heat generated on-screen. In fact, The Voyeurs' only extended sex scene (well more than one-hour into the film) doesn't fit into the voyeuristic theme of the story at all. The film isn't helped by a crazy second-half dive deep down the rabbit hole in a hopeless attempt to spice up the bland proceedings through a series of increasingly improbable actions and revelations.

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