Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Once and Future #20

Stuck in the Otherworld, Duncan, Rose, Bridgette and the survivors from the retirement community travel to Grail Castle. Although far from safe, it does have the advantage of providing sanctuary from Zombie Arthur who always finds the location just out of reach. The layover provides a moment of respite for the heroes, and for Duncan and his Gran to talk, before Rose (who is the new Gawain) enlists their help to save her parents in Bath setting up next issue's new monster who has a particular way of dealing with men.

Meanwhile, Zombie Arthur fights off the new Arthur that has appeared by calling on an army of undead warriors to crush the usurper. However, Other Arthur does not fight alone as Lancelot has chosen his side. It appears he also has a Merlin, unlike the zombie, a Guinevere as well. Who will be the Once & Future King?

[BOOM! Studios, $3.99]

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