Monday, April 25, 2022

Batman • Superman – World’s Finest #2

The Justice League is under attack. With the help of the Doom Patrol, Batman is able to save Superman from the Kryptonite poisoning he was infected with in the series' first issue. However, that's just a start as the pair jump back into action to start saving the rest of the heroes beginning with Felix Faust's attack on a defenseless Billy Batson (although the evil magician doesn't know the true reason why he's hunting a small child he has prevented from speaking).

With the introduction of Supergirl, Batman • Superman - World’s Finest #2 also begins a B-story sending Kara and Robin back in time to learn more about an immortal ancient Chinese warlord known as The Devil Nezha who has some connection to current events (but I'll admit being a bit confused by it all). There's obviously some tension between the two younger heroes, that isn't explained, but makes for some fun back-and-forth. 

[DC, $3.99]

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