Monday, April 4, 2022

Kung Fu - Clementine

While the villains are mostly absent in "Clementine," their one move of the episode will be felt by one character in particular as Evan's (Gavin Stenhouse) attempts to hide Nicky's (Olivia Liang) involvement in a break-in at the Tans leave him facing serious consequences at work. We also get the first fight between Nicky and Henry (Eddie Liu) and the introduction of Henry's estranged father (Terry Chen) who, unknown to Henry, has been wrapped up the secret world for some time.

However, offering a more lighthearted story, the main plot of the episode involves Nicky working to recover Althea's (Shannon Dang) beloved car which was stolen on her first day of a new business adventure by an ex-con planning to blow it up for the amusement of his high-priced guests. Questions at the end of the episode include what is next for Evan? What are the goals of Henry's father and how will that eventually bring him into conflict with Nicky? And, thanks to some investigating, can Nicky track down the missing Mia (Vanessa Yao) and her father before the Tans?

  • Title: Kung Fu - Clementine
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