Thursday, April 21, 2022

The Wheel of Time - Shadow's Waiting

"Shadow's Waiting" finds our characters on the road running from the Trolloc army on the journey to the White Tower. The episode is notable for the characters taking brief respite in the dead city of Shadar Logoth. Spending less than a night there at least one character will be deeply affected and all will be forced to flee as the band is broken into pairs each forced to find their own way to Tar Valon over the next few episodes. The design of Shadar Logoth is easily my favorite locale of the first-half of the season and I'm sad to see the characters flee so quickly from its, admittedly evil, clutches. We also get the introduction to the Children of the Light who will cross paths with some of our characters again.

  • Title: The Wheel of Time - Shadow's Waiting
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