Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Endgame - Sleepover

Elena Federova's (Morena Baccarin) machinations grind to a halt as a former CIA black ops agent attacks Fort Totten before Snow White gets around to implement its plans for the last man in the photo connected with the bombing of Federova's family. Survival, rather than revenge, becomes the theme of the show for an episode. Trouble comes for Sergey (Costa Ronin) and Owen Turner (Kamal Angelo Bolden) in the prison as well when a fire scare leads to a prison riot and an attempt on Sergey's life that is averted by leaves the pair with a new problem just days before putting their plan in motion.

"Sleepover" also includes another story for Val (Ryan Michelle Bathe) as Federova shares a tale about her early days as a mother and a friend (Melissa Farman) who turns out to be more than she seems. While looking into another opportunity to advance his career, Doak (Noah Bean) remains ignorant of the attack on Fort Totten but Flowers (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) shows up alone to offer backup for those trapped not realizing he's walking into a makeshift trap that Val and Federova have left for the Ghost (Quincy Dunn-Baker). The core characters all make it out alive, but how does the shakeup at Totten and the prison effect the timing of whatever Federova has planned?

  • Title: The Endgame - Sleepover
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