Monday, April 4, 2022

Shadow War: Alpha #1

DC's nine-issue crossover event Shadow War begins here with the assassination of Ra's al Ghul just as the ecological terrorist had decided to turn himself in and look for more peaceful means to remake the world. His public death, apparently caused by Deathstroke, leaves no remains for a Lazarus Pit and a ticked off Talia al Ghul out for revenge.

While Deathstroke maintains his innocence, the League of Assassins isn't in any mood to listen. Nor is Robin, back in Gotham to have words with his father, in any mood for mercy. The arc, which will move through various Batman titles before finishing up in Shadow War: Omega #1, will focus on solving the motives and identity of the killer. But to have any chance at the truth, first Batman will have to save Deathstroke from the army descending on him (which probably won't earn him any points with his son).

[DC, $5.99]

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