Thursday, June 16, 2022

Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #1

Seeking to take advantage of events hitting theaters in early July, Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #1 offers the first issue of a story where Mjolnir shows up in Jane Foster's living room after Thor disappears from Asgard. Foster, who only imagines picking up the hammer here in a single panel, is overshadowed by other aspects of the story involving an masked villain brining together a host of characters to attack Asgard including Algrim, Ulik, Tyr Odinson, and the Enchantress. Our mysterious antagonist also attempts, and fails, to earn Hela's support.

With Thor stories stuck in a bit of a pocket universe of their own, I'll admit to not recognizing half of the characters on hand here. Sif, at least I think it's Sif, gets far more time than Jane is this first issue as she sees the danger coming. Whoever is behind the threat, one thing is certain, Jane Foster needs to find Thor.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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