Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ms. Marvel - Destined

The third episode of the series continues to focus on the interpersonal relationships of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), whose friends both share their own good fortunes while she struggles with what to do with her new-found power and a family legacy. We also get Aamir's (Saagar Shaikh) wedding along with some background about the bangle and the introduction of a larger external threat (at least one separate from the government forces hunting the city's new hero who are revealed to be the MCU's version of Damage Control).

Kamala's discovery that Kamran's (Rish Shah) family are Djinn from another dimension who need her help to return home is a shock, but not nearly as shocking as their insistance which becomes violent at Aamir's wedding. Their sudden rash actions, making a potential enemy out of the one person whose help they need feels a little bit insane (not to mention counterproductive as it ends up getting them all arrested). While Kamala decides against sharing what's going on with her family, for reasons that may make sense only to a teenage girl, the episode ends with call from halfway around the world by the one person who may be able to explain to Kamala what she's gotten herself into.

  • Title: Ms. Marvel - Destined
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