Monday, June 20, 2022

Kung Fu - The Source

Kung Fu wraps up its Second Season with Nicky (Olivia Liang) and Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) follow Russell Tan (Ludi Lin) through a mystical door to Narni..., er, the Source (which turns out to look an awful lot like some of the woods the show has shot in before). All three meet ghosts that hinder their path (although you wonder why ghosts are trying to prevent Nicky and Zhilan from saving the realm from destruction). Mia (Vanessa Yao) follows as well, leading to a three-on-one fight against the super-powered Tan in an attempt to prevent him from escaping the crumbling realm with his new power. While not all three (apparently) survive, Zhilan is giving a bit of a redemptive hero moment in what may be her exit from the show.

The finale does what you would expect in wrapping up the big threat of the season and foreshadowing new trouble for the show's next season. Other supporting characters are on hand to deal with the after-effects of the earthquake (which depending on which location they show was either quite destructive or had almost no effect whatsoever). The episode provides a conclusion of sorts to Althea's (Shannon Dang) app troubles that allows the show to either drop the subplot completely or bring it back as ongoing trouble for Nicky's sister. And while Mia seems to be sticking around, Henry (Eddie Liu) apparently is leaving town on his own mission involving an unsolved quest for his fallen father.

  • Title: Kung Fu - The Source
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