Monday, February 6, 2023

007 #6

Picking up the thread from the end of the last issue, we get James Bond desperately attempting to save a man he wants to kill from the terrorist organization of Myrmidon (which turns out badly for our hero) and getting a second go at the their cyborg henchman Rook. Although the six-issue series comes to a close with #007 #6, the storyline does not as it will continue in 007: For King and Country

The follow-up series allows for a cliffhanger twist, which you may or may not have seen coming, but works setting up the next segment of the story with Bond on the run. My complaint is the story relying on the laziest of action cliches with our obvious hero being hunted by his own head-up-the-ass government mistakenly believing Bond is a traitor. It's a move that makes M6 look so incompetent, that if Bond wasn't around, every one of them would likely end up like White Boy Bob in Out of Sight

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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