Friday, February 24, 2023

The Quiet Girl

Catherine Clinch stars as Cáit, a quiet and introspective 9 year-old girl of neglectful parents who for the summer of 1981 is sent to stay with a distant cousin (Carrie Crowley) and her husband (Andrew Bennett). Far better off, and with no children of their own, Eibhlín showers Cáit the affection she didn't find from her mother or father or among her siblings back home, although her husband Seán is far more aloof and takes time to warm to her arrival.

Adapted from Claire Keegan's award-winning novella, The Quiet Girl was an immediate critical and box office success becoming the highest-grossing Irish-language film of all time and winning awards at Berlin International Film Festival, the IFTA Film & Drama Awards, the Dublin International Film Festival, and becoming Ireland's entry to the Academy Awards. And Clinch, in her first role on film, provides the beating heart of the film as the amiable but wistful Cáit who gets a glimpse of what love can be.

The film is often as quiet and contemplative as young Cáit with much going on under the surface than is often left unsaid in favor of uncomfortable glances and furtive glances as the young girl and married couple, who, despite their promise of harboring no secrets, have a whopper you'll likely guess, each provide a salve to each other in a film that champions kindness even in the middle of trying circumstances and pain.

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