Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #2

Outside of some of the designs of some supporting characters, Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #2 doesn't feel much like a Batman: The Animated Series inspired story. The comic involves the kidnapping of the recently returned to Gotham City trust fund brat Cassie Kendall who apparently had more than a few lovers in her time including Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn, and Harvey Dent.

It's not really a team-up, as Batman and Harley each search for Cassie on their own, confronting Two-Face about her only to learn a bit more of Cassie's own two-faced personality, before both reaching the same conclusion about what's really going on with Cassie. It's a fine, if mostly forgettable Batman & Harley story that could fit into any Bat-title, although, if it's not a purposeful attempt to steer the series in a different direction, it seems a bit out of place here.

[DC, $3.99]

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