Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Jack Ryan - Druz'ya I Vragi

There are two plotlines at play in "Druz'ya I Vragi" involving the kidnapping of Czech president Alena Kovac (Nina Hoss) by her bodyguard Radek (Adam Vacula) and Jack (John Krasinski) leading a small team in the search of the not-so-abandoned Sokol facility for the nuclear weapon (which he discovers has been fashioned to look like an American warhead). Both plots provide action with Jack's team shooting their way in and out of the facility, but failing to get their hands on the device, and Radek and Petr (Peter Guinness) hunting each other in the woods leading to Alena finally learning, and accepting, some harsh truths about her father.

Greer (Wendell Pierce) spends the episode one-step behind, finally arriving at the cabin long after Petr has fled. The confirmation of the device, and its configuration, confirm Jack's theories about the Sokol plot. But will that be enough to convince the (until this point) utterly stupid CIA masters? Speaking of incompetent CIA leadership, Wright (Betty Gabriel) faces the consequences of helping Jack and attempting to prevent a nuclear war.

  • Title: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Druz'ya I Vragi
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